Thursday, October 4, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Secrets - This One Maketing "secret" Could Make you Rich, if you Apply it

Posted by EditorsChoice
Tuesday, 02 October 2007

It seems as though every new person that comes online wanting to make money is looking for those coveted affiliate marketing secrets or looking for that secret way to "crack the internet code" or somehow get rich quick. Well, that's all wishful thinking, however, I'm going to have to burst your bubble on a couple of these theories. For one, there is no "internet code" to crack, nor is there really any get rich quick button. There are however, some well hidden affiliate marketing secrets that are so powerful that some affiliates won't share them for any amount of money or they'll only share them with a choice few individuals that are in their circle of influence.

I want to share something with you right here and now. Although there are people making huge amounts of money using well hidden tactics, it's not absolutely necessary that you know these secrets in order to make money online. Let me repeat that again. You don't have to know anything "special" in order to make money as an affiliate. You will have to learn some basic to intermediate computer skills and you'll need to learn a lot of marketing basics, but the secrets can wait.

The main affiliate marketing secret that you need to remember is not a secret at all, but a marketing fact that has been proven to work, time and time again. It's called "Traffic + Conversion = Sales". This means that the more TARGETED traffic that you send to your affiliate website, the better chance you'll have of CONVERTING it into SALES. This means that if you're marketing t-shirts then you don't want to send people to a page about dog training, you only want to send them to a page about your t-shirts. Does that make sense? Once you've grasped onto this concept you'll be able to pretty much write your own ticket my friend. Read it, learn it, know it and live it because it applies, not only online, but offline as well.